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About 1on1 Boxing Fitness

1on1 Boxing Fitness is a program targeted to first time boxers and others looking to use boxing as a means for getting in shape and improving their fitness levels. Boxing is one of the best forms of exercise, because it conditions the total body and provides a complete workout for your cardiovascular and endurance systems.

The major benefits of boxing include:
Increased Stamina
Increased Strength
Increased Speed
Increased Coordination
Boxing also promotes a personís well being by strengthening their self-discipline and self confidence.
Combined with strength training, You will learn Actual boxing techniques which is truly the total package for self-defense.

About Christopher Terry

My background includes Kempo, Mauy Thai, Boxing, and Fitness Training. I competed in amateur and professional boxing and kick boxing. I have trained and currently training amateur and professional fighters. I am a licensed boxing second and a USA boxing coach. I study techniques and routines avidly, always looking to try something new, and I do this because I love it. I believe that helping people feel good about their bodies, moving pain-free, and achieving their goals is invaluable.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide you with the skills, strength, and knowledge to set and obtain your goals. I am committed to helping you reach your fitness or competition goals in a motivational, inspirational and non-judgmental atmosphere. My goal is to establish lasting relationships with you by exceeding your expectations and gaining your trust through exceptional service. I will inspire you to change your life by becoming more physically active and educate you on healthier food choices. I will be a devoted lifetime learner in the areas of fitness and nutrition. I will accomplish my mission by continually striving to become a better coach

Training Approach

I have a few of ways I approach training Clients:

  • As someone who just really wants to get in better shape physically and mentally
  • As someone who just wants to learn the fundamentals for defense
  • As someone who really wants to learn how to box and compete
All of my fighters and clients have experienced improvement in some way. Boxing takes a lot of discipline and a lot of patience. I can teach you how to obtain both of these. I offer first rate instruction for beginners, and experts. There are always things that I can show you to improve the way you train, compete and think about your overall physical condition and appearance. Men, Women, and Children are welcome (Children must be 9 years of age). You must have to desire to train or at least the will not to give up when things get tough. Given the chance I can and will help you succeed.

My philosophy

My philosophy is to keep the workouts fresh each session using different techniques; it helps to isolate and confuse the muscles to prevent stagnation & plateaus. Of course I always stress the importance of safety and proper form.

Boxing in Mesa, Arizona

Christopher Terry
Boxing Coach / Personal Trainer

1815 W. 1st. Ave Ste. 145
Mesa, Arizona 85202

Call: 602-900-2672

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